How one startup looks to revitalise Vietnam’s opaque real estate brokerage space

01 Oct, 2019
1 min read
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In French, the word “rever” means dream. It is perhaps a romantic name for a startup tackling a relatively tough sector: Vietnam’s opaque real estate brokerage industry. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Rever emerged as a promising proptech firm recently.

Vietnam’s real estate industry is often riddled with scams, and only 10% to 12% of Vietnam’s real estate brokers have gone through relevant training for their field, resulting in market inefficiencies and low customer satisfaction. Rever, our portfolio company, aims to make real estate transactions as simple and transparent as possible.

Through their online-offline hybrid brokerage system and training academy for agents, they are striving to increase and maintain high trust between property developers and consumers, bridging a gap in the real estate brokerage industry.

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